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PLEASE BE ADVISED that the Township of Eastampton will accept proposals for the following positions for 2017:  Township Attorney, Joint Land Use Board Attorney, Township Engineer, Land Use Planning Board Engineer, Township Auditor, Township Labor Counsel, Architectural Firm, Bond Counsel, and Special Affordable Housing Counsel.

To be considered, a proposal for any of the above positions must be received on or before NOVEMBER 30, 2016, AT 11:00 A.M.Submit one (1) electronic copy of its proposal on cd/disc (in pdf format) and six (6) hard copies.The submissions shall be sent to Kim-Marie White, Township Clerk at Eastampton Township, 12 Manor House Court, Eastampton, New Jersey 08060.

Township Attorney

Joint Land Use Board Attorney

Township Engineer

Land Use Planning Board Engineer

Township Auditor

Township Labor Counsel

Architectural Firm

Bond Counsel

Special Affordable Housing Counsel