Eastampton's 125th Anniversary Cake at the Elementary School - May 13, 2005

The 125 th Anniversary Committee and the Township of Eastampton would like to express its gratitude to Mr. Rudolph Zotter, the Pemberton High School Bakery Students: Ursula Barreras, Antonio Bruno, Jeff Byers, Dominic Clifton, Frank Cullens, Keera Hendrick, Jennifer Peterson, Michael Starr, Jose Tineo, and Daniel Winton, for their amazing contribution to our Township’s 125 th Anniversary in the form of a 7’ tall, 494lb cake!

We were impressed with the professionalism your students came with and delighted with the beauty that they created with the help of their teacher Mr. Zotter. The Eastampton Elementary School students, staff and community were in awe as they passed the amazing creation last Friday morning and the staff and students at the Eastampton Middle School were blessed with a wonderful anniversary treat! The Pemberton High School Bakery Program has inspired some Eastampton young minds to think twice about a culinary profession.

There are no words to fully express our gratitude to Mr. Zotter and his students. They are truly a blessing to the community and brought so many smiles to our Township with their gesture of kindness in the form of a cake.